Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Work from 2014 part 3

By Atasha

We used for drawings

The new All blacks aka IT Kids
By Potene
We made pictures of everyone and they found some new identities

Mazhar taught us this year a lot of graphic design and Sketchup as he is an expert in it
 We thank him very much for passing on his skills and wish him all the best for the future.

By charles

The IT Kids wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a great 2015 

Work from the children in 2014 part 2

By Dakota

By Jessica

We made posters with GIMP

By Eruera

By Danielle

We made Movie posters

By Wade Mauheni

By Miriama

They also made some very nice posters using the webcam
Thank you guys for you nice words

Some of the work of 2014 part 1

 By Alex 
By Sean

The children have been colouring in these buildings with Pixlr and used the magic wand to cut out some pictures to paste them in.

In  one session the children learned to create shadows which was quite a challenge

By Jahmana

By Luseanne
We show you some work the children have done. We also have done robotics, ROblox, Scratch, Kodu and so much more. It was such a busy year as we had to move premises and some other challenges. The children have however worked hard as always and in a few post we just show a little bit of what they have done

We made some stamps and a collage of existing and self made stamps on Gimp

By Miriama
We  assembled some cool cars

By Jacob


We made Gif''s with GIMP 

An exercise with pixlr

The IT kids have been doing lots of different projects with the goal to master some graphic design programs. They have been working with an online program and we used the editor

for this exercise we have been using the bloat tool, paint and text

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Amazing 3D work from our young tech kids

We have done a lot of work in Trimble Sketchup. Here are some examples of the kind of work we have done. The children have learned to define the measurements of shapes, how to make certain shapes and how to put them all together to make towers, faces or caterpillars.
They have made pictures into wallpaper and some even have wallpapered a house from Google maps
onto their sketchup house.
The ITkids also learned to make lego bricks and build with them in Sketchup and many more skills.

Soon very soon we will be having our own 3D printer which will cutting edge tech available to our wizz kids.
The 3D printer was donated by Peggy Cameron a friend from Australia

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Soccer re creation at IT Kids

Our new teacher, who is working on a PHD in education, had some commitments so we took over.
The children have been working very hard to learn 3D design and graphic design skills so we had
a free session were the kids could choose their own software to recreate a soccer game.

Some programmed our robots with 12 blocks and than played some games.

12 blocks is software setup to programme robots. Like Scratch it uses visual blocks you can drag and drop. The program also provides debugging tools which are very helpful. It also works with Arduino, Lego Mindstorm and Tbot to name a few.

One of the kids programmed it to defend the goal by moving up and down.
The other programmed it to move the paper ball into the goal.
They were also programmed to talk and said e.g." I am Persie" which is the Dutch soccer player.

One of the girls filmed the scene with our camera and together we put it on Animoto, which the kids use to make slideshows and video's

As one of the mentors is Dutch , there was support for the Dutch team as you see in this drawing
made with Unfortunately the Dutch lost in the semi finals against Argentina.

This game was created in Lego Digital Designer  and many games were created with the builder in Roblox, online software which you can build whole worlds and interact with others.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kodu time

The IT Kids have been playing with Kodu Game Lab.

Kodu by Athashia

Angelo made a Disco Club game:

With Kodu kids can design their own 3D environment, fill it with characters and objects, and then control how everything interacts by programming objects or tweaking dozens of environment settings.
They can design an adventure, tell a story, or make an arcade-style game - wherever their imagination takes them!
Once their game is made, kids can share it and play together, or examine the design to find out how it was made.
Let's have a look at how Angelo's game in the video was made.
The maze-like environment is easily seen in this top-down view.
The environment's Sky and Lighting have been set.

The central pool and diving board, with kodu disco clubbers wandering about.

Programming or "Kode" for the wandering disco clubbers. Since there is no tile in the WHEN section, the tiles in the DO section will be executed continuously.

Kode for the disco wisps. In line 1, the wisp is told to glow random colors. In line 2, the wisp's glow turns off every 10 seconds. Immediately after this happens, line 1 triggers again, changing the glow color.

Kode for the Kodu DJ. He continuously plays the sound called "action".

The characters sitting at the tables are very happy to be there.
Kode for the pushpads. They explain what they're doing. Clicking on them with the left mouse button takes the player to a minigame in the next level (not shown).
Kode for the player usually has the most instructions. In line 1, we see that the player moves by pushing the keys W A S or D. Line 2 enables the player to Jump with the space key. Line 3 enables the player to push other clubbers away from them (to be used on boy kodus). Line 4 enables the player to chat by pushing the black button (to be used on girl kodus). Line 5 allows the player to express frustration, possibly at the rude actions of other clubbers, or perhaps at the DJ's choice of party music.